Playing Digital FAQ

What is a VPF?

A VPF is a Virtual Print Fee. This is a fee that content distributors must pay in order to exhibit their content in digital format utilizing the digital projection systems managed by DCIP.

Why was the VPF structure put in place?

The VPF structure was put in place to finance the conversion of movie theater screens from 35mm to digital projection systems. The use of digital projection (and in the future digital delivery) systems will ultimately save the movie industry hundreds of millions of dollars in annual print production and delivery services while improving on-screen presentation and offering more choices to moviegoers. VPFs are structured to mimic the cost of producing a 35mm film print. Instead of producing a physical print, distributors pay a fee to play digitally. That fee goes toward amortizing the cost of the digital projection equipment over time.

Do I have to pay a VPF for each week my movie plays?

No, a VPF is a one-time payment per screen through each continuous run at a theater.

I am a new distributor and I have confirmed my bookings with one or more of DCIP’s exhibitor partners – what is the next step I need to take?

Visit our Contact page to get in touch with one of our representatives who will promptly get you set up and answer any questions you may have.

When is the VPF payable?

Unless you have established credit with us, VPF payments will be due prior to your film’s first exhibition. Once we have received payment, we will inform the relevant exhibitor(s). An exhibitor may choose not to play your movie if payment has not been made prior to the first scheduled exhibition. Once you are a regular customer of DCIP with an established payment history, we can offer you more conventional invoice and payment terms.

Can DCIP create my digital master and files for distribution?

DCIP does not currently provide those services but we are happy to discuss options available in the marketplace with you as part of our intake process.

What is the difference between DCIP and CDCP?

DCIP (Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC) is a company that owns and leases digital projection equipment to the AMC, Cinemark and Regal theater chains, primarily in the United States. CDCP (Canadian Digital Cinema Partnership) is a separate company that owns and leases digital equipment to the Cineplex and Empire theater chains in Canada. However, DCIP provides end-to-end management services for CDCP, including its VPF administration and billing, so you should contact DCIP directly for any CDCP-related business.

Who do I contact to get digital system details and serial numbers so that I can have my digital keys created?

Please visit our Contact page with questions relating to digital equipment and key creation.

What currency are DCIP and CDCP invoices billed in?

All DCIP invoices are stated in U.S. dollars and DCIP can only accept U.S. dollars. All CDCP invoices are stated in Canadian dollars and CDCP can only accept Canadian dollars.

What forms of payment are accepted by DCIP and CDCP?

Payment to DCIP or CDCP can be made by check, money order or electronic funds transfer. We CANNOT accept credit cards at this time.

I have a question regarding an invoice. Who do I contact?

Please visit our Contact page with any questions relating to a DCIP or CDCP invoice, billing procedures or payment mechanics.