Management Services

With years of experience helping theaters transition into the digital era, DCIP understands all of the processes and costs associated with replacing traditional outdated technology with the latest digital equipment.

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DCIP handles the equipment purchasing process including placing orders, interacting with equipment vendors and handling payment of vendor invoicing so that your theater receives the correct digital products as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Once the correct equipment is purchased, DCIP manages the installation process all the way to the first public presentation. DCIP coordinates all logistical tracking with the vendors and freight companies, manages the installation teams, validates that installations are occurring according to specifications, and handles any equipment issues throughout the entire process.

Asset Management

Post installation, DCIP provides an online Asset Management System (AMS) to track all of your digital assets through their entire lifecycle, providing up to date information on your digital equipment, managing extended warranties, and integrating with third parties for assistance with key generation. Our AMS also provides you with a centralized solution to track all key information related to your non-digital equipment as well as the physical attributes of your theaters and auditoriums (seating, screen size, 3D capability, etc.).

VPF Billing

DCIP provides unparalleled flexibility in managing VPF contracts. DCIP’s systems can manage the most complex of VPF rules to ensure proper billing and by leveraging multiple sources of VPF data, DCIP ensures the maximum number of VPFs are always invoiced and collected. Our team of experienced VPF administrators works with hundreds of content distributors and manages thousands of VPF-generating screens. Not only do we ensure the maximum number of VPFs are invoiced at the contracted rates, but we work diligently to ensure VPFs are collected in a timely manner.


Ensuring transparency in our operations is important to our distributor partners. We provide full insight in to the VPF administration processes, including advanced reporting capabilities through all stages of operation. We also monitor all contracts to ensure compliance and provide proactive notification in the event an issue is found.