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We are the largest digital cinema integrator in the world. In 2007, we began developing the technology and systems infrastructure necessary to facilitate a large scale deployment of digital systems, including procurement, deployment, asset tracking and VPF administration and collection. Since March 2010, we have raised $880 million in financing and have deployed more than 14,000 digital systems to theatres operated by our founding members (owners of the AMC, Cinemark and Regal theater chains) in the United States. Since June 2011, we have also managed the deployment of more than 1,800 digital systems to theatres operated by Cineplex and Empire in Canada. In April 2012, we entered into an agreement with Cinemark to manage the future deployment of up to 2,000 digital systems to theatres in Latin America.

Our founding members collectively operate more than 35% of the movie theatre screens in the United States (which generate over 50% of U.S. box office receipts annually); Cineplex and Empire, the two largest theatrical exhibition companies in Canada, together operate more than 55% of the movie theatre screens in Canada (which generate approximately 80% of Canadian box office receipts annually). Upon completion of our current planned deployment in the United States and Canada, DCIP will be actively managing more than 16,000 digital systems.

To support such a monumental transition, we developed a suite of applications to manage the entire lifecycle of digital cinema, including equipment purchasing and installation, asset tracking, VPF management and billing, trusted device list registry, equipment warranty management, equipment log collection and reporting, missed show management, multiple methods of electronic integration with business partners and more. We have demonstrated the ability to scale applications and provide highly automated solutions.

We have excellent working relationships with studios, distribution service providers, exhibitors and device manufacturers. In addition to the strong ties we have with the major studios, DCIP has entered into agreements with over 200 smaller distributors as part of our VPF administration services. As a result of personal relationships built by our management team as well as work supporting the National Association of Theatre Owners the early days of digital cinema, we are in frequent contact with exhibitors outside of our founding members and Cineplex and Empire. We also maintain active relationships with virtually every projector and media block manufacturer.


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